Referral Process

Medicare Rebates with a GP Referral

If you have a diagnosed mental health condition such as Depression or anxiety, you can ask for a Mental Health Care plan (MHCP) from your GP. Ask your GP to refer to Mariemma. Under MHCP you are entitled to claim a portion of a fee from Medicare for some services.



Make an appointment with your GP and request for MHCP


If your GP agrees and provide you with MHCP and if you wish to see Mariemma, make sure the referral is addressed to Mariemma Sebastian. (Sometimes, your GP can decide to refer you to someone else, a psychologist or MHSW that your GP’s already knows)


Contact Mariemma for availability and appointment


If Mariemma does not have an availability, she might refer you to someone else.


Send through your referral via email to mind care therapy or bring it with you to your first appointment. Unable to claim Medicare rebate without a valid referral.


You can self refer without any special requirements. Contact Mariemma by phone or email to discuss your circumstances and make an appointment. If you refer yourself, your health fund benefits might be accessible, but no Medicare rebates are available.

Private Health

Rebates are provided by some health funds. Check your eligibility. We can issue you with a receipt to take to your health fund for claiming purposes.

Number of sessions

As a general guide, clients could anticipate:

  • Brief counselling/therapy – 6-10 sessions
  • Short-term psychotherapy – 10-26 sessions weekly
  • Long-term psychotherapy – >26